Magnolia Scale

Magnolia scale is a large soft-scale insect that attacks Magnolia trees by attaching and feeding off nutrients in the branches. It is most noticeable in late spring and summer once a substantial infestation has set in. The insect is very small in early spring, so it can be hard to detect.

What Is Magnolia Scale?

An infestation of soft scale insects that feed off of Magnolia trees.

It causes stress, reduces vitality and makes trees susceptible to other diseases and death

What Are The Symptoms Of Magnolia Scale?

– 2mm to 1/2 inch scales on trees

– Large quantities of  sticky “Honeydew”

– Crawlers which appear in September

– Premature leaf drop, yellowing of leaves and sooty mold buildup

– Branch die back

Honey Dew
Sooty Mold Buildup

How Is It Treated?

– Chemical insecticide sprays when crawlers are present

– Sprays to control overwintering life stages

– Trunk injections for scale control and tree nutrition

– Soil drenching

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